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Summer Camp Professional Education - Google Analytics

logo for Google Analytics
logo for Google Analytics

Google Analytics can be intimidating for the nerdiest of Camp Pros.   It's an over-whelming amount of information and quite hard to learn.

I've found that there are a couple of measurements that are easy for Analytics beginners to understand - 1) Users Flow - how people move through your website (where they land and the pages they go to following that first page), and, 2) Engagement by Page.

Engagement by Page measures how much people like a page by considering 2 factors: over-all popularity of the page and the amount of time people spend there as compared to the websites average?

Sound like gibberish?  Stick with me.  It's easier to see it.

Check your own Analytics

It is incredibly important to make sure that your website company has properly installed Google Analytics. If you don't care to know how your website is doing today, it's still worth having Analytics installed so that it's gathering information toward the day when you do have time to look through them. Many clients say to me "well, we're changing our website in the fall so it doesn't matter".  So wrong.   It does matter.  One of the most important pieces of information going into a website overhaul is: what pages work and what pages don't. You can only learn that from Analytics. If you want a way to check for yourself you could use the Built WithGoogle Chrome plugin. (Hat tip to the folks at Fizzle for this article)