The Day Camp Spirit - pt. 2 - Day Camp Pod #21

The Spirit of Overnight Camp…at Day Camp! (Again!)

You asked for it and it’s here!

We’re throwing it all the way back to episode 1 of the Day Camp Pod to re-hash one of our most popular topics from the first season.

(Episode 1 - Here)

Our friends from the sleep away camp industry have an amazing thing going for them. having a kid stay overnight and be fully immersed into the culture and rituals makes it so much easier to get them to buy in and love camp.

We may not have the overnight privilege, but it’s no excuse for making the camp experience anything less than magical for your day campers.

Well… it’s a good thing our industry is built on sharing because within the traditional overnight camp experience are things that your Day Camp can implement very easily!

To give you some inspiration, Ehren, Sam and Andy are joined by 3, Sleep Away Camp turned Day Camp Pros! We’re excited to have Jaime and Dane Pickles from Everwood Day Camp and Eric “Shendy” Shendelman from Shendy’s Swim School join us and share their many years of both overnight and day camp knowledge.

Tune in to hear more about:

  • The Pickle’s and Shendy’s Camp Origin Stories

  • What exactly is the “sleepaway camp spirit” and how can you bring that to your camp?

  • What are the specific ideas that are cost-effective and easy to implement to give your campers an extraordinary day camp experience?

  • What do you do during staff training to get your staff to buy-in to the spirit?

  • And more!

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Day Camp Program Tip of the Week!

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Sam: Pinterest - For crafts, program ideas and wayyyyy more!

Ehren: Gottcha game at staff training

The Pickles: Minute to Win It Games

Shendy: Milk Carton Bowling




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