Be The Camp Photographer Your Director Needs You To Be

Be The Camp Photographer Your Director Needs You To Be


Are you struggling to get good photos for marketing each summer?

So many camp directors I speak to are frustrated with the quality of the images they get from their camp photographers.  

Too often they get:

  • too many pictures of the photographers camp friends and not enough campers

  • Boring snapshots with no story

  • WAAAAAAY to many photos delivered on a hard-drive at the end of the summer

(one director I know got 3500 unedited photos in one folder at the end of a season.   He's now using the advice from this presentation to get much fewer photos, well-edited and presented with a tagging system that allows the camp to find just the right photos for each marketing project)

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In this digital download we cover:

  • the one trick to instantly make your camp photography better

  • Camera settings (what file type to use, how to set the camera up so that it can be grab-and-go in case you see a wonderful camp-story unfold)

  • How to "see" stories in the same camp moments you've seen a 100 times

  • How to cut down the number of your photos to a useful number.

  • What times of day to make sure you have your camera with you.

Get more of useful photos this summer - save time this winter!