CampHacker Playbook - online marketing evaluation

CampHacker Playbook - online marketing evaluation


You're Not Dumb - You Know What You're Doing Isn't Working

As a camp director you are constantly overwhelmed by all of the things that require your attention:

  • camp parents

  • insurance forms

  • filing your taxes

  • 150 emails a day (if you're lucky)

  • hiring people you can trust to do the hardest job in the world


  • marketing your summer camp so that you can get enough campers to pay for all the above

What if you could have something that would give you a step-by-step plan that could make it easier to reach more families and get more campers?

What you're looking for is the CampHacker Playbook

To build a strong summer camp online marketing presence means having a clear, well thought out plan. The CampHacker Playbook report provides your camp a step-by-step path to increasing your camper numbers through online marketing.

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Time to think about marketing your summer camp

I just wanted to say thanks to Travis Allison for taking the time to run through the CampHacker Playbook he put together for YMCA Camp Kitaki , with us today. We are still digesting things, but if you are looking for some help prioritizing your online efforts and focusing in on what is most effective for you and your market, Travis’ product certainly will help with that! It is personalized to your camp and includes comparisons to some of your local competitors. Really neat information! Thanks again Travis!
— Jason Smith, Executive Director, Camp Kitaki, NE

The CampHacker Playbook gives you an in-depth, unbiased assessment of your current online presence. It shows you what others see when they look at you online. It walks you through the key analytics in a way that will help you take concrete actions. 

In fact, the CampHacker Playbook is full of best practices that you can implement right away. It gives you an extraordinary level of detail about your organization and presents it in a way that will make it easy for you to get to work with confidence and clarity. 

By now you understand how important it is and you can probably already imagine how you can put it to use. The CampHacker Playbook includes the following: 

  • A comprehensive assessment of your online presence

  • Comparison against your major competitors

  • Details about your search engine ranking

  • Analysis of the findings

  • A full-length written report

  • Detailed, specific actions you can take immediately to improve your online presence

  • Two one-hour coaching calls to help you interpret and implement the findings

We've looked and there's nothing quite like the Camphacker Playbook  If this is something you know you need, then -- as they say -- this is your lucky day.

I had the amazing opportunity to benefit from an online evaluation that Travis had done for my organization. I couldn’t have been more impressed by the work and thought that he put into something that I had ‘won’ through Social Catalyst’s “Abundant Thursday” contest on Facebook. The final Playbook was both thought-provoking and motivating to make some necessary changes to our online presence in order to get more from it. As with any good plan, it came part and parcel with ideas for the future, many of which we are looking at implementing into our new website in the next couple of years. When the Playbook was finished, he walked me through it step-by-step, making sure I understood everything and wasn’t left with any questions. Overall it was a great experience working with Travis and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him to anyone with any sort of online, social media, or website questions in the future. I look forward to working with him in the future!
— Kelsie Fraser, Saskatoon Police Service