Summer Camp Menu - Bundle

Summer Camp Menu - Bundle


Simple, Nutritious Menu for Camps Without Catering Services

Managing a camp kitchen is a demanding job.   The smaller camps we have talked to have all said is is one of the hardest jobs to do well.

If your camp:

  • Hires a seasonal cook or kitchen manager

  • Maintains a tight food budget

  • Has had parent complaints about the meals at camp (meals are one of the first things parents ask their kids about)

...then the CampHacker Summer Camp Menu Bundle was created for you.

We asked one of the best Kitchen Managers we've known, Meghan Morrison, to design a simple to use, three week menu for 100 people (about 70 campers and 30 staff). 

Included you will find:

  1. A 3 Week Menu including 3 meals and 1 snack per day

  2. A Vegetarian Menu for (20 people)

  3. A Gluten Free Menu for (20 people)

  4. Recipes for every meal

  5. Purchasing lists with exact measurements to produce the meal.

  6. Recommendations for the best basic equipment for an industrial kitchen

  7. Ideas and suggestions to get the best fresh produce at a great price

  8. How to build relationships with local food providers

  9. Items to have available in your pantry & spice cupboard

Click to Download a Free 10 Page Sampler (unfortunately... actual breakfast pizza is not included)

Buy the menu's separately:

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Here’s the resource we’ve all been asking for. The detail that was put into this is amazing. You won’t regret the purchase.
— ~ Cory Harrison, Executive Director. YMCA Camp Greenville
We used a lot of the recipes from it this year! The Biscuit-Top Chicken Pot Pie was a huge hit!
— Elizabeth L.
Cory Harrison.jpeg
It’s been a life saver this summer as I still have no head cook
— Kelly C.
As someone who has purchased this bundle, I just want to say how WORTH IT it was/is! If you’re thinking about purchasing, do it, you won’t be sorry!

This bundle really saved us when we were in a kitchen staffing crunch last summer especially, but I look forward to using it going forward regardless. Some of the new meals were tried from it were the biggest hits on the menu last summer! 😁
— Mandi Miller
Mandy Miller Testimonial.jpg

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