Staff Training: The First 24 Hours

Staff Training: The First 24 Hours


Want to make the first day of staff training awesome?  

Want to see impact all summer long?  
(Yes, that is what happens when we set expectations through experiential learning starting the moment staff arrive.)  

Our newest training, Staff Training: The First 24 Hours (Set Your Culture Day One of Staff Training) is one of the deepest things we’ve ever released.  It’s practical, super easy to consume, and has the power to change your summers - forever.

This 40-page First 24 Hour training will walk you through how to set up your training for maximum impact over the whole summer!

Who Is For?

This is written in the language of overnight camps but day camps with week-long staff training periods will find this very useful.

This is for:

  • experienced camp directors who want a way to shake-up their camp culture and develop a new level of intentionality in staff

  • new camp directors who want to have immediate culture impact on their new camps.

These exercises will work for camps with a staff of 20, up to a staff of about 150.

This Staff Training download will work for a camp that is open to try new ideas and who is looking to renew a commitment to the community and culture of their camp.

A BIG Go Camp Pro thank you to Alyssa “Twist” Light for designing this for us. Alyssa is going to be leading a Masterclass or two this fall!

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Let’s talk sameness.  Or same-ish-ness.  Just for a moment.

Same attitudes.  Same people.  Same games.  

Same meals.  Same songs.






What if culture were the reason your seasons are all the same?

How much is sameness to blame?

I know, some of it’s amazing…and some of it isn’t.

Let’s get real here:  Who is allowing that sameness?

Routines need commitment to work.

Traditions need sameness to live.

And, culture needs renewal to thrive.

Don’t be more same-same - choose to purchase this training because it’s time for your staff to make this summer the best one your camp has ever seen.  Right?  Right.