True North - Your Mission as a Compass

True North - Your Mission as a Compass


Are you having trouble with your staff “getting it”?

Are they missing out on the mission of your camp or having trouble putting campers first?

This 1.5 hour session from Go Camp Pro’s Beth Allison is an experiential exercise to help your staff discover your camp’s True North.

Who is this for?

Your whole staff to participate together. It is appropriate for the normal mix of returning and new staff.

How long does it take?

1.5 hours

How long will this take me to get ready?

1 hour (including finding and downloading the music - plus the craft supplies, of course)

What is the purpose of this training?

To have your camp staff explore together the values and mission of your camp. When this exercise is completed they will know what activities/actions are “sort of” on mission and which ones are EXACTLY on mission.

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