Vegetarian Summer Camp Menu - 3 Weeks

Vegetarian Summer Camp Menu - 3 Weeks


Simple, Nutritious VEGETARIAN Menu for Camps Without Catering Services

Managing a camp kitchen is a demanding job.   The smaller camps we have talked to have all said is is one of the hardest jobs to do well.

If your camp:

  • Hires a seasonal cook or kitchen manager

  • Maintains a tight food budget

  • Has had parent complaints about the meals at camp (meals are one of the first things parents ask their kids about)

...then the CampHacker Vegetarian Summer Camp Menu was created for you.

We asked one of the best Kitchen Mangers we've known, Meghan Morrison, to design a simple to use, vegetarian, three week menu for 20 people.

*Please note: The Vegetarian Menu will work on it's own but it is designed to supplement our 3 Week Summer Camp Menu

If you are looking for our complete Summer Camp Menu Bundle (includes the 3 Week Camp Menu, Vegetarian Menu and the Gluten-Free Menu) please purchase here

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