Marc Cooper

Marc is the director of Camp Tamarack in Ontario, Canada.   He's done some awesome work in staff training through Wowmentum and brings an innate creativity and a ton of experience to Go Camp Pro.  

On top of this video interview I asked Marc a couple of extra questions. 

Why do you think kids should go to camp?

It's one of the few places in the world where kids can still be kids. It's where you will most likely meet your best friend. It's a place where kids have the opportunity to flourish and make decisions on their own. Where your role model is someone who is dressed as a super hero with underwear on their head and plaid pants.  It's where you're going to learn the real life skills you need. Skills like kindness, perseverance, creativity and confidence.

Tell us about how camp transformed your life

Camp is the first place that I realized that I wanted to work with kids, teens and young leaders. It's where I realized that if I had a dream of becoming a camp director that I could actually achieve it.

Tell us a story about a time when you've seen a kid changed by camp

During our World Games program where the entire camp is split into 4 teams, we had a camper who was competing in a 'super event' where everyone is watching and its extremely intense.  This was a camper who lacked self esteem.  The event was an arm hang where the campers have to do a flexed arm hang and if they let go of the bar, they are out.  It came down to the last two teams and you could see the determination in the campers eyes.  He won. And 140 people rushed to the front and lifted this camper up on their shoulders and began chanting his name. I had goose bumps. I had a chat with the camper a few days later about his time at camp and he said "that was the best day of my life."  I know for a fact, that he will remember that moment forever.  We discussed how he overcame all of his doubts and how he could apply this type of determination outside of camp.  

It was kind of like Rudy. 

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