Between Two Staff Seasons Masterclass

Between Two Staff Seasons Masterclass


Collaborating together, Kim Aycock and Jolly Corley have created a masterclass to help Camp Pros recruit and keep better summer camp staff.

This brand new, 4 week Go Camp Pro Masterclass will focus on staff:

  • Retention

  • Recruitment

  • Development

Some of the highlights include:

  1. The biggest moments to reflect on

  2. Opportunities for your young leaders to grow

  3. Their guide to retaining, recruiting, and developing staff for 2019

* Space is limited in this Masterclass

If you need permission from your camps Owner or Executive Director we recommend you move quickly.

What IS a Masterclass?

  • Kim & Jolly’s masterclass includes 4 all-group video chats with a lesson and then 10-15 minutes of group work

  • Group electronic communication (through Slack or private Facebook Group) - minimum once/week

  • Small group projects - to be presented to the whole group

Save 3pm EDT on These Dates, please.

Oct. 22nd, Nov 5th, 12th, and 19th.

I have taken away so much from the session - my FOUR pages of notes will be coming to camp with me in the summer and I’ll be making a conscious effort to check in with my team more, ensure they feel appreciated and those who demonstrate the skills have the opportunity to develop!

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