Designing Staff Training: A Masterclass with the Cohosts of Camp Code

Designing Staff Training: A Masterclass with the Cohosts of Camp Code

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12 Weeks, 12 Lessons, 36 Participants, 1 Amazing Staff Training

(We will run every Wednesday at 3:30 EST from January 24th to April 11th)

After 3 years of incredible conference training workshops, 44 episodes of Camp Code and many hours of discussions about how to make Staff Training:

  • impactful
  • stick throughout the summer
  • creative,

Beth Allison, Gabrielle Raill & Ruby Compton have created the Staff Training Masterclass that people have been asking for!

If you want to plan a 2018 Staff Training that builds on a wonderful community amongst your staff, this is the program you need. 

Some of the sessions include: 

  1. Lessons from Last Year
  2. Creating Positive Staff Culture
  3. Youth Development Professionals
  4. Making Knowledge Stick
  5. Evaluating Comprehension and Performance

Please Note: Enrollment is limited to only 36 Participants!

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Every Participant will receive:

  • exclusive access to our Masterclass online community 
  • 12 seventy-five minute webinars (recorded so they can be replayed at any time) over 12 weeks
  • small learning groups (called Cabin Groups) to try out new ideas with a trusted cohort of Camp Pros
  • a 30 minute one-on-one session with Beth, Gabrielle or Ruby to go over your staff training plan


Camp Code Accolades

This is what dreams are made of. I can’t wait!
— Allison, a Designing Staff Training member

(feedback from previous presentations and workshops)

These three have built a community with each other & have shown us how we as staff can go about training others around us to lead better, trust each other, & become a stronger group.
  • "very nice transitions from speaker to speaker throughout the presentation and great content and
    themes - a nice presentation format that I have not seen in 10 years of attending ACA."
  • "Using Camp Code tips and tricks has changed the way we do training and inspired us to develop new trainings of our own."
  • "It was so hard to patiently remain in my seat because they made me so eager to go back to my camp and start implementing everything they were teaching us!!