Camp Marketing Masterclass

Camp Marketing Masterclass

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Marketing Masterclass: effective, not easy.


Fill Your Camp Marketing Toolbox

Who is this for? 

People who are: 

  • willing to do extra work if it will mean more kids get to great camps
  • SSOOOO far beyond "let's make a Facebook ad" 
  • so convinced that summer camp is important for children that they are willing to share their absolute best ideas and willing to absorb / test / share their evaluation of other's marketing ideas
  • People who believe that summer camp is the secret to success for today's children

What is this for? What will I get out of it? 

  • Learn and share new camp marketing ideas that, while effective and have long-lasting enrolment effects, are not just the latest tips and tricks

What will I be required to do?

  • 2x monthly - all-group video chats (mandatory with a minimum attendance requirement)
  • Group electronic communication (through Slack or private Facebook Group) - minimum once/week during the off-season
  • Fall and winter small group projects - to be presented to the whole group
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After our group video meeting yesterday, I realized that part of why I love this class is that I walk away with lots of good ideas. It’s one hour where I periodically have to sit and think only about Camp with Camp Pros. That’s when I’m able to get my best ideas and my best work done.
— Isaac Brubaker, Camp Patriot, Lincolnshire, IL, USA

It's important to note: 

This course is being facilitated by Go Camp Pro's Travis Allison, but this is not a course that will only involve listening and learning from Travis.  Participation by every Masterclass-er is expected.   This Class will demand a level of openness that will make you uncomfortable at times.  You will be sharing your mistakes.  

That's hard. But you will never be alone.   

In a group bound by openness, we will all learn from the trials and successes of every member.  We will take turns explaining the things we've attempted and, with camp-like sensitivity (I'm serious about that one - our first rule of camp is no one is made fun of), we will push each other to consider different angles, look harder at what it is parents are looking for us to do, and, even improve the quality of what we are putting out in the world .  

Willingness to be uncomfortable is essential to grow in this skill that gets you more kids at camp, but you will set your own boundaries. 

Openness Raises Us All

Travis' primary job is to work to get everyone comfortable so that they are willing to share openly with the other members of the Masterclass.  With a "prime directive" of Openness we will be able to achieve some amazing things together!

Travis' secondary job is to hand over 10 years of his knowledge and experience in being the person who can translate "camp magic" into stories that non-camp families will understand.  With that knowledge, and the support of this community, every camp involved in the Masterclass will have many tools and technique to strategize and implement effect camp marketing strategy.

(somehow, Travis' 3rd job is to write about himself in the 3rd person...)

Video Meeting Dates

The live Marketing Masterclass will be held twice per month from mid-October to the middle of April. Please put these dates in your calendar now.

  • October 31

  • November 14

  • November 28

  • December 12

  • January 9

  • January 23

  • February 6

  • February 20

  • March 6

  • March 20

  • April 3

  • April 17

  • May 1

I value that you suggest low-cost software options and camp marketing strategies that I can use on a small budget. Since you suggested I dedicated a lot more time to gathering feedback from camp parents, registration has EXPLODED!
— Laura Hall, Director. Camp St. Charles


Required Work:

  • Twice monthly - all-group video chats (mandatory with a minimum attendance requirement)

  • Group electronic communication (through Slack or private Facebook Group) - minimum once/week during the off-season

  • Fall and winter small group projects - to be presented to the whole group

Mandatory Attendance Minimums

Why mandatory?

We have learned a funny lesson from our experience launching Go Camp Pro: people feel like they've accomplished something just with the act of paying for it.  30% of the people who paid for GCP never signed in again. Close to 60% of our members didn't even join the Member Discussion Group (hosted on Slack) - the greatest daily value of our community of 250 camps. 

Participation and the group dynamic are going to be the elements that make this Masterclass different from 1-hour sessions at camp conferences, from the free, piecemeal blog posts, videos and downloadable PDFs that have inspired this Class.  This won't be a passive, sit back and absorb class.  The best way we can have the openness required to make this Masterclass different will be that people show up and contribute.

What if I have other questions about the Masterclass? 

Before you join: 

  1. check the FAQ below to see if the answer exists already

  2. Email Travis

Thanks, Travis, for the ideas and forethought into opening registration. I sent my emails for 6 weeks ahead and I got 45 registrations yesterday on day one, usually we are lucky to get 5. I can’t wait to continue to implement more!
— Cassie Bloy, Camp Tamarack, Grande Prairie, AB, Canada

Frequently Asked Questions about The Masterclass

What happens if I can't make the calls? 

We're going to be running on faith with the Masterclass.  If you make a commitment to the Class (or your accountability group) we expect that you'll follow through.

That said, summer is as summer does (who said that, again?).   We all know what spring and summer is like for camp directors.   : Let me make this perfectly clear - April, May and June are ridiculously busy in our industry, we know that, so we'll only have the minimum number of calls we can to give you the maximum impact on this summer's registration. 

We expect that you'll be available and in attendance for the majority of our Class-wide calls and all of the accountability group calls that you commit to.  

If you miss too many calls you'll be asked to leave.  If that happens before September 30th, you'll get your money back. After September 30th - no refund. 

Other Note: Class calls (hosted on our video conference and webinar system will be recorded and available for those who have to miss one. 

What do we get?

Other than the invite-only chat group, a chance to have 14 other Camp Pro's help you develop a new camp marketing strategy, accountability with a small team committed to getting more kids to each other's camps, and, Travis Allison's complete CampHacker Marketing Success Path strategy? 

  • The industry-specific Blog Post Promotional Schedule

  • CampHacker's FYK (Find Your Karen) exercise

  • The Parent Pathway - an information system for giving undecided parents the specific information they need, in an order design by talking with camp parents, so they grow to Know, Like & Trust your camp.

  • The Founding Principle of Camp Marketing Ebook

  • The Camper Inquiry automated response email list

  • The Summer Camp Marketing Photo / Video checklist to give you a 3-5 year plan for complete marketing resources to "sell" your camp program

These included extras are a $1000 value.