Radical Self Care with Ange Atkinson

Radical Self Care with Ange Atkinson

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Staying inspired throughout our off-season requires us to radicalize our self-care. That means we must be as intentional with our own growth as we are with our staff and campers’ growth. This 6-week masterclass is for female-identifying camp pros looking to deepen your leadership by redefining your relationship with yourself and establish a new self-care routine that is self-determined, flexible and adaptable to your life in the summer season and the offseason!

Takeaways include 

  • Deconstructing your ideas and beliefs on self-care and work-life balance

  • Mental, Emotional, and Spiritual framework to address you and your life in a whole way

  • Establish new self-care routines from a wholehearted space

  • Improve self-talk and practise self-compassion

  • Learn to live from your values

  • Accountability with like-minded heart forward leaders


  • Deconstructing Self-Care & Busting Limiting Beliefs

  • Living from your Vision and Values

  • Boundaries

  • Self-Compassion

  • Embodiment

  • Authentic Presence leads to Impactful Leadership

  • Accountability

Class Dates - Please add to your calendar right away

Thursdays at 2 pm

  1. November 7th

  2. November 14th

  3. November 21st

  4. December 5th

  5. December 12th

  6. December 19th

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