Staff Culture: Key to Recruiting and Retention Masterclass

Staff Culture: Key to Recruiting and Retention Masterclass

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In this monthly, intensive Masterclass Jolly and Kim will be focussing on:

  • Creating the staff culture you aspire to have by taking the time to cultivate self-awareness as a leader and identify your vision through reflection. 

  • Developing an action plan to implement your vision through recruiting staff, fostering community and developing leaders.

Please Note: Enrolment is limited to only 24 Participants!

Book These Dates Now (Mondays at 11:30 am PST / 2:30 pm EST):

  1. January 28

  2. Feb 4

  3. Feb 11

  4. Feb 18: Live from ACA National – this is going to be SO MUCH FUN!

  5. Feb 25

  6. March 4

  7. March 11

  8. March 18

  9. March 25

  10. April 1: Live from ACA Mid-States

  11. April 8

  12. April 15

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Connecting with others in the camp community was a great part of the experience and I looked forward to our Monday classes every week.
— Jolly & Kim's Student

Masterclass Outline

Staff Culture/Retention

“Your customers will never love your company until the employees love it first.”
— Simon Sinek

Staff Culture & Retention

Week 1: Introduce Reflect/Develop/Act + Vision

Week 2: Growth opportunities into practice (Brene Brown), Culture case studies (Top 100 Companies to Work For) 

Week 3: Purpose to Impact plan

Staff Recruiting/Retention

Week 4: Where to look (resources), how to attract staff that are a good culture fit (messaging), and ideas to engage

Week 5: Interviewing techniques (questions, format)

Week 6: Hiring process, ways to make camp the best offer and engage so staff want to fulfill contract

Staff Community/Retention

Week 7: Integrating new, veteran and alumni staff (previous camper now 1st year staff member) prior to start of summer

Week 8: Assessing which staff best fit your culture based on vision through use of “Capable & Willing” model

Week 9: Meaningful Appreciation

An energizing way to begin the off season and staff hiring/reflection process.
— Participant in Jolly & Kim's Between 2 Staff Seasons Mini-Masterclass

Staff Development/Retention

Week 10: Empower Leadership Opportunities

Week 11: Personal & Professional Development

Week 12: Evaluating stressors that get in the way of staff performance (empathy for individual stressors), Communication that leads to understanding (having difficult conversations)

Feedback from Previous Masterclassers

I truly enjoyed Jolly and Kim’s teachings, they catered the content to what we were seeking with imagination, humor and a lot of useful experience. They pulled in a few guest speakers who were also very helpful. The work that they are doing to help us hire, train, develop, appreciate and retain this generation of camp counselors is so important. I needed a lot of help and encouragement to bring myself into this era of technology and communication, and with this class, I found exactly what I needed.
— Shana Henry, Director, Camp Skyline