Staff Culture: Key to Recruiting and Retention Masterclass

Staff Culture: Key to Recruiting and Retention Masterclass


In this 12 week, intensive Masterclass Jolly and Kim will be focussing on:

  • Creating the staff culture you aspire to have by taking the time to cultivate self-awareness as a leader and identify your vision through reflection. 

  • Developing an action plan to implement your vision through recruiting staff, fostering community and developing leaders.

Please Note: Enrolment is limited to only 36 Participants!

Book These Dates Now (Mondays at 11:30 am PST / 2:30 pm EST):

  1. January 28

  2. Feb 4

  3. Feb 11

  4. Feb 18: Live from ACA National – this is going to be SO MUCH FUN!

  5. Feb 25

  6. March 4

  7. March 11

  8. March 18

  9. March 25

  10. April 1: Live from ACA Mid-States

  11. April 8

  12. April 15

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Connecting with others in the camp community was a great part of the experience and I looked forward to our Monday classes every week.
— Jolly & Kim's Student

Masterclass Outline

Staff Culture/Retention

“Your customers will never love your company until the employees love it first.”
— Simon Sinek

Staff Culture & Retention

Week 1: Introduce Reflect/Develop/Act + Vision

Week 2: Growth opportunities into practice (Brene Brown), Culture case studies (Top 100 Companies to Work For) 

Week 3: Purpose to Impact plan

Staff Recruiting/Retention

Week 4: Where to look (resources), how to attract staff that are a good culture fit (messaging), and ideas to engage

Week 5: Interviewing techniques (questions, format)

Week 6: Hiring process, ways to make camp the best offer and engage so staff want to fulfill contract

Staff Community/Retention

Week 7: Integrating new, veteran and alumni staff (previous camper now 1st year staff member) prior to start of summer

Week 8: Assessing which staff best fit your culture based on vision through use of “Capable & Willing” model

Week 9: Meaningful Appreciation

An energizing way to begin the off season and staff hiring/reflection process.
— Participant in Jolly & Kim's Between 2 Staff Seasons Mini-Masterclass

Staff Development/Retention

Week 10: Empower Leadership Opportunities

Week 11: Personal & Professional Development

Week 12: Evaluating stressors that get in the way of staff performance (empathy for individual stressors), Communication that leads to understanding (having difficult conversations)