10 Videos Every Summer Camp Must Have

Essential Videos to Best Market Your Summer Camp

Our 10 Recommendations:

Under 90 Seconds

    • 1. Interview with director about how camp has impacted them
    • 2. Interview with director explaining the WHY of your camp
    • 3. Safety: Your food - how it's prepared and served to the campers
  • 4. Safety: Where your kids will be staying (overnight camp) or changing/resting (day camp)
  • 5. Safety: How we prevent (and address) bullying at our camp
  • 6. Self-Esteem: Noticing your child when they are at camp
  • 7. Self-Esteem: How we encourage children to take risks in a safe environment. Address both physical and emotional safety
  • 8. Role Models: How we choose our staff
  • 9. Role Models: Why our staff choose to come to camp. Interview them.  It will make them open up more (and forget the camera)

Over 90 Seconds:

  • 10. A narrative video showing the transformations that happen because of your camp


  • Special chants or traditions - If you have a special chant or tradition that happens on a camper's birthday record that from the perspective of the camper (you can't tell in the video who's birthday it is). Send this to each camper, who's birthday is in the fall, winter, or spring on their special day.
  • Special Holidays - Camp Ouareau (north of Montreal, QC, Canada) records a Bonne Année (Happy New Year) video, in secret, every couple of summers.
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