Matt “Iscus” Honsberger - Go Camp Pro's Podcast Executive Producer, and so much more!

Matt “Iscus” Honsberger - Go Camp Pro's Podcast Executive Producer, and so much more!

Matt Honsberger

Go Camp Pro’s Podcast Executive Producer

At which camp were you a camper?

What camps have you worked at?

  • The Cairn Family of Camps - Baysville, ON - 2007-2015

  • Edgewood Camp and Conference Centre - Eden Mills, ON - 2016

  • Pearce Williams Summer Camp & Retreat Facility - Fingal, ON - 2017-2019

Why is working at summer camp important to you?

As I was growing up, camp, above any other place in the world, was a place where I saw that I could do the most amount of good for others that I was able to. Camp made me into the person that I am today and taught me what true servant leadership looks like. I believe that every child should have a camp they can call home and I want to help more camps be more of a home, for more kids.

Who is a camp leader you look up to and why?

I look up to the types of camp leaders that are able to lead both boldly and compassionately. They types of people that believe that their programs are important, but the people they serve to be their true purpose. Many of my Go Camp Pro colleagues (really, all of them!) would fit into this category. I'm humbled that I can work and learn alongside them.

What was the first time you were noticed and appreciated by an adult that wasn't your parent?

I was fortunate to have a number of teachers that noticed my love of music and leadership that pushed me to grow. Specifically, my high-school music teacher was critical in showing me that my passion could become my profession if I committed to practicing and pushing my comfort zone. Thanks, Mrs. Bender!

Outside of his Go Camp Pro work, Matt is also building Squarespace websites for summer camps and producing camp podcasts.

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