A Crash Course in Summer Camp Marketing

I just had a meeting with the new marketing director at a camp we are working with. She is awesome, super excited to get started with lots of ideas, and has no experience selling camp. We talked for a while about different ideas, thoughts, and tactics about marketing camp. We talked about weekly interviews with alumni, the values of having a blog or not, Facebook v Google Ads, and so much more.

I found myself drinking too much coffee and getting way too excited about the best ways to spend a big camp marketing budget. At Stomping Ground, we operate on a shoestring budget and haven’t had a chance to test some of the bigger ideas we have. If you want to take a stab at a different way of spending some of your marketing dollars and time send me an email and I would love to talk more. jack@campstompingground.com

If I were hiring a new marketing director I would have them spend an hour a day getting better. I'd have them watch 15-30 minutes of great Youtube content or read thought provoking blogs, then spend a half hour or so brainstorming how these ideas apply to camp. At the end of the first week, I'd have them sit down with the team and pitch some new marketing tactics or strategy that they wanted to try.


Below is the first week of videos I would watch. If you would be interested in getting an email with a video like this and about other aspects of camp everyday in February comment below. If 28 people do it I'll make it happen. 

Let's get more kids to better camps!

Jack Schott jack@campstompingground.com 585-451-5141


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