A 'HINT' to Make 2020 Even Better from Joanna Warren Smith

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At this point in the season, camp should be humming. Wrinkles have been ironed out and issues addressed, often using the ‘OMG!’ Form. Please, take the time right now to set the stage for an even better program and camper experience in 2020.


  • Create templates for activities, special days and even rituals. Use Google Docs or another system that staff can access and utilize.

  • Request that Activity Heads invest 30 minutes. Within the next week, expect that each will take uninterrupted time to enter each program’s equipment, timing, engagement and execution protocols.

  • Confirm that all programs and key elements are addressed. Assign senior staff oversight responsibilities to review and sign off on a portion of the documents.

  • Maintain your docs in the cloud, review and fine tune. Right after camp is over, religiously review 2-4/week and when they’re finalized, print and store them in a staff binder to be used during Staff Education Week for 2020.

This process will not take away staff creativity, but rather provide a welcomed head start for your counselors to be successful in creating the best experience for campers next summer!

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