A Pre-Vacation 'HINT' from Joanna Warren Smith

Trust Your Summer Camp Professional’s Instincts!

Before you head off for well-earned R&R, give yourself a solid game plan to make camp even better next year.


  • Convene critical leadership for 30 minutes. Let them know ahead of time that they must be prepared to identify 3 critical issues that if 'fixed' or 'changed' will deliver a 'noticeably improved product' in 2020 to campers and their parents .

  • Brainstorm and record input. Don't get distracted by discussing solutions, just get all of the 'bad business' listed so that you don't forget the negative impact.

  • Share the list with your team in early September. Ask each to rate the importance of each item to determine a consensus of priorities.

  • Each week, address one (1) issue. Commit to the new protocols and if the improvement will be noticeable by parents and/or campers, market the changes.

Camp Directors are notorious for forgetting about issues once camp ends. Please don't fall into the trap.

Enjoy your time off and ... thanks for what you do for kids!

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