A Quality Control 'HINT' from Joanna Warren Smith

Camp Conference Folks Were Excited about this Training Tool.


Camps all over the country have used the 'OMG! Form' immediately after my on-site 'Product Assessment' to see 'IT' (my observations) for themselves.  The form is a proven Quality Control tool that's been utilized by not-for-profit and private day and resident camps for many years and it works.

At the Tri-State camp conference this year, I suggested using the 'OMG! Form' as a training tool and operators responded overwhelmingly.


  • Focus on the 6 Simple Elements.  Too many Directors assume that counselors already know how to START and END a program, how to ENGAGE kids, make the activity FUN  and WORTHWHILE while maximizing STAFF to CAMPER RATIOS.

  • Plan the teaching sessions.  Integrate these hands-on learning opportunities into your orientation.

  • Follow-up with observation/mentoring.  Counselors tell me all the time that they are eager for feedback from lead staff.  If counselors see the process as empowering, then a culture of striving for excellence starts to emerge.

  • Use the 'OMG! Form' for Quality Control.  Simply print out Slides 42, 43 and 44 for your very own forms.

  • Continue the process throughout the summer.  You'll have metrics to support the effort and you will know that you are providing each camper with a better product.

If you need more encouragement to implement this HINT, call me at  310-451-1876 or email me at campconsulting@roadrunner.com

I'm happy to help if I can ...


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