An Antidote 'HINT' from Joanna Warren Smith


Stop, Look and Listen!  Please!

You've probably noticed that these days, people are generally not nice to each other.  They are rude, curt and abrupt.  Anger, sarcasm and caustic remarks have become the new normal.

In fact, just last week, two parents independently shared that they had been ‘turned off’ to highly recommended camps because they were treated in a perfunctory way.  When I heard them complain that ‘She didn't even ask for my child’s name!’ and ‘It felt like I was imposing and interrupting something more important that she was doing’, I got permission from a couple of clients to call their shops at various times.  Sure enough, I encountered rushed dismissals and much encouragement to check out the websites.

Really?  Would you prefer a potential client visit your website or start to develop a relationship with your camp?


  • Make the time to assess your staff to client interactions.  Listen to the folks who speak on your behalf whether they're on the phone or in person.  What language are they using?  What tone of voice is used and what attitude is conveyed?  Are they building relationships or just doing what's necessary to end the conversation?
  • Review ALL communications that are sent to potential and current clients.  Confirm that snail and email messages are warm (not effusive) and efficient.  'Automated' elements often need updating.

Please don't assume that your team is 'doing it right'.  Be intentional about your customer service to counter today's personal interaction style.  If you need to create scripts, teach and mentor folks to increase relationship building skills plus freshen up your communications, I guarantee the positive effects will be worth the effort.


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