An Architect's Perspective - An Interview with Elise Bates Russell

A new lens to look through has we walk around our summer camps


Founder Laura Kriegel's interview with Elise Bates Russell, a trained architect, executive director, and president of the PCCCA, gives us a new lens to look through has we walk around camp. This interview takes place in two parts. First Elise and I talk about camps curb appeal, the importance of aesthetics in establishing trust, and actionable advice you can use. Part two is a walk through of how Elise encourages camp directors to think about building or renovating facilities at camp. She gives some great advice about where to save money as well as things not to skimp on.


  • Tangible actions you can start doing tomorrow to improve your site (paint, trash, flowers, etc)
  • Big picture thinking when you start to plan your next build, how to save money and what not to skimp on
  • Most importantly: how to go about finding an architect that suits your camp

Thanks to Founder Jack Schott for doing the video production for this interview!



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