How To Optimize Your Camp’s Website


When it comes to camper registration, your website should be just as user-friendly as your camps are kid friendly. Ideally, website visitors will have a streamlined experience that makes getting more information, understanding who your camp is, and filling out camper registration forms quick and easy. Because no one wants to spend time searching for the Submit button on a desktop or toying with the zoom on mobile.

We’ll talk about a few tactics that will help optimize your camp’s website, up your registration numbers, and streamline the process for everyone involved.

Make it mobile friendly

The first step to optimizing your site is to make it mobile friendly. It’s no secret that mobile devices are becoming an integral part of our lives. Being up to date with technology trends is not just for big Fortune 500 companies, but for every small business, nonprofit, camp, you name it.

Making your website mobile friendly is often the main differentiator between parents signing their eager beavers up for your camp or choosing another one they can easily access on their phones or tablets.

As far as implementing this capability goes, inexpensive website builders, such as Weebly and  Squarespace have options to choose from, depending on how involved and nitty-gritty you and your team would like to get. It can be as simple as checking a box that makes your forms responsive across different devices, to writing in bits of your own code.

Even if you already have a website, it might be worth it to migrate all of your information over to a new one and start from scratch because having something that’s accessible and easy to use will surely pay off in the long run in terms of credibility and increased sign-ups.

Consistency is key

Every camp has a brand, or at least, every successful camp has formed a sense of brand identity that makes them more memorable and recognizable to visitors. Having a solid brand also helps boost credibility, since it shows that your camp is organized and aligned around a collective mission. Which, of course, would be to help campers have the best time possible while learning new things and providing parents with peace of mind. Even though you know your team has unity, it’s best to demonstrate that wherever possible.

This consistent branding can come across through various design elements, tone, and content. In a nutshell, users should be able to identify that it’s your camp’s brand whether they’re online, on mobile, or in person.

An easy way to make sure your site is on brand is to do a “consistency check.” This means you and your team click through your website and look for inconsistencies, such as outdated logos, mismatched fonts, and antiquated content. Double-checking that your brand is in order will present a stronger image of your camp to the public.

Keep the registration simple

The third and final tip is to keep registration simple. Most parents take care of their children’s camp registration, and the last thing they need to worry about is finding the form on your website. That said, make sure that the navigation menu is easy to spot and clearly highlights the “Register” section, so parents can quickly head over there and complete the process.

Since parents are looking for simplicity and ease, be sure that your online registration, payment, and any other forms are engaging and don’t take too long to fill out. JotForm is an easy-to-use online form builder that offers full customization, nearly 30 payment integrations, and 100+ widgets so you can create an all-inclusive form that simultaneously gathers camper information, payments, and anything else you might need.

Better yet, when you use this online form builder, you can also automatically turn any collected information into a PDF document. So whether you’re gathering information, making updates to a file, or sending a copy to parents, JotForm’s built-in tool takes the guessing out of PDF creation and PDF editing.

With these tips, website optimization is at your fingertips, and you won’t need to thumb through a hefty user guide to get started.

[Travis' Note: From time to time guest writers reach out to GCP to ask if they can post to our blog.  It's an interesting Search Engine Optimization tactic - often for their own company but it could be for a website that has contracted with them to create content.   If the content will be beneficial to camp mavericks we are pleased to share their ideas!]

Travis Allison