Leverage Your Social Media Conversations! - A HINT from Joanna Warren Smith

Enhance what you are saying on Facebook or Instagram


Many camps are now relying on social media platforms to convey critical information.  If that’s your protocol, please know that according to the experts, each of your posts reaches only 2-4% of your intended audience.

The start of the New Year would be great timing to reconnect 'personally' with each individual in each of your networks to increase retention and new sales.

  • Review Each of Your Social Media Posts.  Cull out the important elements since camp ended and schedule rebroadcasts via email for 100% saturation. This is not to imply that every single person will read what you send, but rather they will have the option to do so.
  • Create Subject Lines to Intrigue Each Network.  Targeted, succinct messages are more powerful than generic statements.
  • Select Persuasive Parent Elements. ‘What’s new for 2018’ and ‘Changes that you’re making as a result of client input’ might help hesitant parents reconsider sending their children back.
  • Identify Kid-Friendly Items.  ‘The new blob’ or 'Returning and new staff' might get campers fired up enough to convince moms to send them back.
  • Convey Camper Outcomes to New Prospects.  Parents expect camp to be more than 'fun and games'.  Do you help kids 'Build Confidence or Character'?  Do you set the stage for campers to 'Discover Their Potential'?  Give prospective parents a reason to invest in your experience for their children.

You should use Social Media, but you must enhance those communications with solid 'relationship building' conversations to increase retention and conversion rates of new inquiries.

Want more details?  Email me at campconsulting@roadrunner.com or call 310-451-1876.


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