Royalty Free Music for Your Videos

Just What You Need to Make Your Best Summer Camp Videos

Summer Camp Musician with electric guitar

Summer Camp Musician with electric guitar

I've talked many times on the CampHacker Podcast and in my 10 Things Every Camp Should Do On YouTube session about the importance of using music in camp videos that you have the legal right to.

Lots of camps (and, to be fair, many other businesses) post videos to Facebook and YouTube that include popular music.  There's really no malice intended but it is illegal - you're stealing the music from the artist and producer to use for your project.

You could license the use of those songs.  I know of camps that have done it but it's EXPENSIVE.

There are many, legal, options for camps who want to add music (and you DO want to add music to your videos).   The music available to license is getting better every day and there are songs for every budget.

I keep a personal list of sites with good music that camps can license but since I get asked at least once a month "what was that site you recommended with the legal music for camp videos?", I thought I'd move that list here.

There are 3 kinds of licensing that I'll highlight on this post: Free (use at will), Creative Commons License (usually free but you're required to provide some attribution) and Royalty Free (you pay once for the right to use as you need).

Free Music - the Universe (and the musician's) gift to you

Royalty Free - price range $25 - $100 (and more) per song

Free Video:

I haven't spent a lot of time here but it looks interesting:

Creative Commons - "Creative Commons is a non-profit organization devoted to expanding the range of creative works available for others to build upon legally and to share." Please make sure you are following the proper use and attribution of Creative Commons music.   *NB: one of the CC licenses is "Share Alike" which means when you use that license your product (your video) has to have the same open license. Look carefully, therefore, for the Share Alike license and also the Non-Commercial use (you don't qualify).

What "attribution" might look like: This video features the song “Desaprendere (Treatment)” by fourstones, available under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial license.

If you have any sites that you recommend for great music for camp videos please leave a comment - I'll keep updating our list!