Ruby Compton - Camp Pro Interview

Many of you know of Ruby Compton. She's written some of our most popular articles on CampHacker.   She's also a huge influencer in the camp staff training world through the Camp Code podcast that she co-hosts with Beth Allison and Gabrielle Raill. 

As we've been getting ready for our new staff training masterclass I had a chance to do a real interview with Ruby.   Check it out!

If you are interested in the Designing Staff Training Masterclass, the registration opened up just this morning.  Click through to find out the details


A couple of important notes

  • We had to put a limit on the number of people who could purchase the Masterclass.  There is so much personal connection in the curriculum we knew that Ruby, Beth and Gabrielle wouldn't be able to let a million people in (or even a hundred...). There are only 36 spaces available so if you've got to talk over an expense like this with your spouse, business partner, executive director or camp board, we suggest you do that quickly.   This program is going to sell out quickly. 
  • At this moment the Masterclass is priced at $395 USD. On January 17th, 2018 at 5pm EST the price will go up to $480.
Travis Allison