Summer Camp Email Marketing Ninja Move - MailChimp addition

One Simple Trick to get more people to see your email communications


We're big users of MailChimp and I learned a great email newsletter trick that I want to be sure to pass on to the #CampPros.

Unless you're Joanna Warren Smith and you've got an incredible open rate for your HINTs newsletter (go right now and sign up. It's on the left hand side... this can wait), you've lived through working like crazy preparing an email newsletter only to have less than 25% of people even open it.   (This is actually a GOOD number - outside of the camp world they expect that less than 10% of people will read the emails they send out.)

There is a simple way to make your newsletters more effective.

Repeat Them. 

(but only to those flabbers who didn't even open the first one)

Here's how you do it in MailChimp.  It should be simple to figure out if you use another Email Service Provider.

To start off, sign in to MailChimp and then Click Campaigns

3. Search for a Campaign that is more than 1 week old, click the down arrow on the right side (immediately right of "View Report")

3. Replicate that old campaign

4. Create a new segment of your list

4.5  Use these criteria: Campaign Activity | did not open | (choose the newsletter you want to send again - I always recommend, when you title your newsletter [or Campaign as MailChimp calls them] you include the date of sending, so that this moment is easier)

5. Rename your campaign and then rewrite your Subject Line

6. Schedule your newsletter.

7. Enjoy cold beverage... you are now an email marketing ninja.