Target 2018 'Not-Yet-Enrolled' (NYE) Families - a HINT from Joanna Warren Smith


Parents all over the country, tell me that when they register for camp, their intention is for it to be a multiple-year experience.  That being said, you likely have a significant number of 2018 Not Yet Enrolled (NYE) campers who haven't responded to your camper outreaches, emails, calls, texts or social network postings.  Are they a lost cause?  No, you just need to be more strategic!


  • Objectively reflect back on last summer.  Or review your parent survey responses to identify the 1, 2 or 3 items that were definitely issues in 2018.

  • Determine likely ‘fixes’ to improve your product.  Be realistic about what you can really change and be absolutely confident that you can deliver.

  • Create an intriguing parent communication.  Whether it is delivered via snail or email is not so much the issue as the way it is written that positions you as offering a ‘noticeably improved product’ in 2019.   Opening/closing day logistics and during camp parent communication plans are common complaints.  There is no need to apologize for the issues of last year, just pledge that you will improve the experience.

  • Feature and strategically time the communication.  Do not combine your revitalized ‘commitment to excellence’ with other messages.  Deliver it as a stand alone at a time when parents will be most receptive like previous to a discount deadline or day 2 after a school vacation.

  • Be prepared to respond via phone or email.  If parents want to know more, be fluent about your game plan.  Don’t promise perfection or give too many details.  Just share enough to convince parents that you can and intend to deliver your promise.

Your 2018 NYE families are low-hanging fruit.  Take the time to massage the relationships and address their issues.


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