Why you need to hire a summer camp expert

Why you need to hire a summer camp expert.png

People always ask me what do I consider to be the most important aspect of a business and it always comes down to one simple answer.

The staff.

Regardless of what business you’re in, you can only succeed if you have the right team. And the key to creating the best possible team is to invest in your training. Sure, you could do it yourself. After all, you are an expert in your field and probably know just as much as an outsider but let me put it this way: do you remember when you were a kid and your parents’ would say things like “you should cut your hair, “ or “you would love playing the flute”?

OK, maybe your parents didn’t say the flute bit but what I’m getting at is your parents would always suggest something and your response would be "no, no, no". And then a friend would suggest the same thing or give you advice on something and you were like "YES, YES, YES!"

Hiring an outsider is like that.

In this case, you’re the parent and the expert is the friend. Sometimes you need to hear a different voice for an idea to have a greater impact. Bringing in an expert can do just that.

Here are few reasons how an expert can add value to your camp:

  • Add to your staff training
  • Provide a different viewpoint on an important topic
  • Provide a new voice.
  • Cover some of the hard to talk about topics
  • Bring in new and creative ideas
  • Give objective opinions/feedback
  • Share exercises and ideas that can be used throughout the summer/year

Whether you need assistance with IT, advertising, programming or leadership training, try bringing in a new friend to help with your training. It will certainly add some value to your summer.

Travis Allison