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Preparing Your Camp Staff for School-Year Learning Loss

I can't remember when it started exactly, but I can remember the first time I heard about "summer learning loss." The idea is pretty straightforward - kids who don't keep up with academic pursuits during the summer will regress 2-3 months in terms of their academic progress. This became a leading discussion at many camp conferences, and consequently, at many staff-trainings. In fact, we were just talking about this inside of the Go Camp Pro forums.

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How do we turn Archery into a Sense of Belonging? A Staff Training Exercise

One of the highlights of my "camp pro" career was when I had the pleasure to present a session with Go Camp Pro's own Scott Arizala at the ACA National Conference. We called it "Nurturing the Best Aspects of Summer Camp." We were ironing out the finer points of our presentation when Scott casually laid out the bones of a staff training session that sounded phenomenal.

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