All About the BUSINESS of Camp


It's like I always say...

Money moves the mission
— Travis always says that.

We may have gotten into this business because we love children, or because we were changed when a camp leader saw potential in us and helped push us to grow, but our life as Camp Pros hinges on being able to help the business of summer camp flourish. 

Having a level of intentionality when it comes to managing the "back end" of summer camp means that we can help more kids get that same pat on the back that changed our lives. 

When we've got some good stuff to share about the business of camp (podcasts, blog posts, free downloads, etc.) we'll send you out an email. 

How about now? 

Sure, yes.  You should have a couple of things to check out today.   Here's couple of our CampHacker podcasts related to the Business of Camp.

Whoa!  This one is straight-up called " The Business of Camp!"