Investing in your online presence

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Paid Ads Title Card

Investing in your camp's online presence

by James Davis

If you're like I was the first time I heard about investing in an online presence, you're all at once full of hope, and terrified. Or, maybe you've tried this stuff and had a hard time of it. I've been there, too.

The good news? Investing in our online presence can have real, demonstrable results. And it DOESN'T have to be horrifying. In this course, I'll walk you through the very most important aspects of getting the most of all of the resources you invest into your camp's online presence.


  • Prioritizing where to invest our precious time online.
  • Learning some dos and don'ts of the various ways we can invest resources online
  • Understand the nuances of marketing via different channels online
  • Feel confident that you can take the reins of your camp's online presence

Show Notes:

I use MailChimp for all of my camp email marketing. They're a fantastic company that will provide free service (for nearly every camp's email needs) and deliver beautiful emails in a timely fashion.

They also provide for some really cool paid features, like "auto-responders," which allow us to send a pre-made set of emails to groups of campers before they ever sign up for summer camp.

Show Notes

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