Leveraging Your Brand and Knowledge with Audrey Monke - Day Camp Pod #20

A Day Camp Pod Interview with Audrey Monke

Sometimes, when comes to selling our camp, we shoot ourselves in the foot. We’re just a little bit too humble. We either don’t want to be too “pushy” or aggressive and we end up undervaluing what we do.

Hello!? We change lives! We give kids the type of community experience that they don’t get ANYWHERE ELSE. You are great, we are great and we need to get those 80% of kids who don’t go to camp, to camp!

You should be shouting it from a milk-crate on the street corner. Except this is 2019 and there are many virtual street corners that you need to be on.

To help you find, and speak from your milk-crate, The Day Camp Pod is joined by Chief Visionary Officer and Gold Arrow Camp, Author, Blogger, Brand Manager and mom, Audrey Monke.

Audrey Monke is the brains behind Sunshine Parenting and the author of Happy Campers: 9 Summer Camp Secrets from Raising Kids Who Become Thriving Adults. She joins Andy, Sam and Ehren to talk about:

  • Audrey’s camp origin story

  • How Audrey used her love of summer camp and entrepreneurial spirit to create Sunshine Parenting

  • How to use email newsletters, podcasting and blogging to become your community’s expert on children and youth

  • How to capture the attention of your key decision makers: Parents

  • And more!

Any questions? Ideas for shows? Topics? Guests? Please send them to daycampquestions@gocamp.pro

Day Camp Program Tip of the Week!

Andy: Teaching American Sign Language (ASL) to your campers, as young at 5 years old!

Sam: Cheese Ball Relay (see pictures below)

Ehren: Playmeo

Audrey: 5 Things Game & Home-made question ball - All you need is a marker, questions, and a beach ball!




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