Selling Camp - Day Camp Pod #13

Getting bums on the bus. Selling your Day Camp like a pro.

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Overheard in your camp office:

“Hello? _______ Day Camp how can I help you?”

“Oh, you’re looking to register for this summer?”

“I’m so sorry, but we’re full. We’ve actually been full since April, but I can absolutely put you on our waiting list if a spot opens up!”

- scene -

How awesome would it be to hear that conversation come from the office?

Whether you’ve heard that in reality or just a far off dream, you know that the only way to make that happen is to put the work in and effectively sell your program. However, one of the tricky blessings that we have as camp pros, is that unlike Apple and Amazon’s army of marketing employees, we do it on our own, likely on an out-dated camp laptop and likely next to a STACK of other work we have on the go.

When it comes to selling your camp like a pro, it would be easy, and maybe even fair, to throw up your hands and turn to a higher power to fill camp. However, not that we can confirm nor deny that a higher power will or won’t help, it’s not as hard as you might think to dip our toe, leg or entire body into the marketing waters.

Enter The Day Camp Pod’s latest guest pro, Laura “Twigs” Johnson! Twigs joins Andy, Sam and Ehren to share her stories and best practices from starting not just one, but FIVE programs all in very short order. Laura and her team work wonders to sell her Leadership Academy programs, and we are so grateful for her openness and willingness to share with all of our listeners. You ROCK Twigs!

Tune in to hear about:

  • How to take the leap if you’re thinking of starting a new camp or new program.

  • How do you do it on your own? If you don’t go the Not for Profit route, how does this help/hinder growth?

  • Treating your summer business like an e-commerce website to maximize exposure and engagement.

  • How do you onboard new customers and keep intentionally leading them to the purchase?

  • What you can do to simplify your marketing plan and not get lost in the weeds of marketing.

Our industry is all about sharing, so let’s share! What is your #1 tip for selling your Day Camp? Let us know in the comments!

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  • Andy: 4-Square and other “old school” playground games

  • Sam: “Pac-Man” Tag

  • Ehren: Tough Mudder

  • Twigs: Rock throwing- bought pots and pans, gave different points for different things - KIDS MADE THE RULES!





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