The Day Camp Spirit - Day Camp Pod #1

Welcome to the Day Camp Pod!

Welcome to The Day Camp Pod! A podcast that focuses purely on the best practices of the Day Camp industry.

On this first episode of The Day Camp Pod, we start with a sampler of the types of questions that matter to the Day Camp Industry. This episode we’ll hear great questions (and even greater answers) to topics surrounding capturing the overnight camp experience, into our day camps. You’ll hear more about…

  • How to get past the “excuse” of not being an overnight camp

  • How can we embed traditions into our Day Camp Programs? What traditions would you create if you started a camp from scratch?

  • How do we introduce “Free Play” or “Free Choice” into the short days of day camp

  • What are the big special moments or programs do you inject into your programs?

These ideas, and more, all from your Day Camp Pod Hosts, Andy Pritikin from Liberty Lake Day Camp, Ehren Gluckstein from Camp Robin Hood and Sam Thompson from Crystal Lake Park District!

We hope you enjoy this NEW Podcast, brought to you by Go Camp Pro.

What do you think? Have an idea for another show? Let us know in the comments below!

DCP - Day Camp Program Idea of the Week - Level Up Your Day Camp!

Andy - Bees at Camp!

Ehren - The Bus Challenge - An every day challenge on the bus ride to and from camp.

Sam - Fear Factor Challenges

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