Getting Started in Fundraising

Getting Started in Fundraising - An Interview with Cory Harrison


Fundraising can be an extremely effective way to take your camp to the next level, bring campers to camp that couldn't otherwise afford it, and so much more, but asking people for money is hard. Laura had a million questions before she sat down with Cory Harrison and Cory answered all of them and more.

This interview with Cory covers everything you need to know to get started with fundraising, from why asking for money can be so scary to making the ask and finally how to thank donors. Cory is a master fundraiser and current executive director at YMCA Camp Greenville (he was the YMCA Camp Benson ED during this interview). He is also a great storyteller and engaging speaker. All of that plays in to how to be the best fundraiser.


  • A clear understanding of Cory's fundraising story and how you can use it as a case study to get started fundraising for your camp
  • Understand the main pillars of fundraising; major gifts, capital development, annual campaign, and planned giving (Cory's Advice, Start with one and be really good at it!)
  • An in depth understanding of Cory's system to cultivate donors of major gift (he calls it tour-philanthropy)

Check out the interview below!