Travis Allison

Travis Allison hates mushy fruit but loves jam.

It’s not just fruit that Travis thinks about in great detail.   His creative and conscientious persona has made him a keynote speaker at conferences across the US and Canada.

Travis also believes it's his job to inspire recreation leaders across the world to be so great that parents INSIST their children have a summer camp experience. 


  • The Society of Camp Directors
  • UCC Camps - London Presbytery
  • Cairn Family of Camps - alumni weekend
  • Ontario Presbyterian Camps Conference
  • Alberta Camping Association
  • American Camp Association (ACA) Wisconsin
  • ACA Midstates (Chicago)
  • ACA Virginia
  • ACA Keystone
  • ACA Texoma
  • Camp Counsellor Institute
  • Buckeye Leadership Workshop

Workshops / Presentations

  • TEDx Youth - Pittsburgh
  • International Camping Congress - Sochi, Russia
  • Tri-State Camp Conference, Atlantic City, NY
  • YMCA Marketing & Development Symposium
  • YMCA Mid America Camp Conference
  • Ontario Camps Association
  • Alberta Camping Association
  • ACA Conferences: National, Midstates, Keystone, Virginia, Texoma