What is a Go Camp Pro Masterclass?

In-depth & Practical

The Masterclasses offered by Go Camp Pro typically entail an hour long call video call each week (some are once a month) with the instructor(s) sharing new practical tips to make you better at one specific skill of being a camp director. In between calls, there are assignments that are completed and shared via an online community so other participants and the instructors can provide feedback on the work (as well as help hold each other accountable to getting the work done!)

Classes are of varied lengths (4-12 weeks) and are recorded in case a student must miss a class one week due to a scheduling conflict."

Awesome Accountability

We’ve heard over and over again that the most surprising benefit of a Go Camp Pro Masterclass is the community that grows from our classes. That means that you have a group that you commit to and that will hold you accountable to getting more accomplished in your camp day than just answering emails or phone calls. You take on the extra new ideas from your class and commit to regular growth

Specific to One Aspect of Your Job

We make sure that each class is focussed on one specific part of the job of running camp. Focus on just one thing and you’ll be amazed at how it feels to have control in one small area - that makes all of your job less overwhelming.

Classes We Offer (Off-Season 2019-20)

  • ‘Marketing Mondays’ DIY 🛠️ 3rd Edition

  • Fundraising

  • Staff Interviews

  • Writing a Statement of Inclusion

  • Grant Writing

  • Managing Volunteers

  • Staff Culture

  • Camp Makes $en$e - The Business of Running A Good Camp

  • Email Marketing

  • The Marketing Masterclass

  • Designing Staff Training

  • Best Boss Ever

  • The Last Minute Marketing Masterclass (Spring 2020)

    Check out our Course Calendar (coming end of September 2019)