3 Lessons Camps Should Learn From the new MeUndies "About Us" Page


1) it's not about them... It's about us. This page is focussed, primarily, on how customers feel because of their product.

2) Start your About Us page with a BANG! So many camps start talking about themselves (see: themselves, not their customers) and their boring history or their boring accreditation or their boring staff.

You work at the coolest place on earth (stick that in your ear Disney)! Please show us that. This opening video is fun, colourful and fast. It shows us the spirit of the company and what they hope to achieve.

3) They make bold statements (literally: they are in giant bold letters). There is nothing boring about this company - the imagery (fine... that should be easy when you're selling underwear, but most gotchie companies are either boring/utilitarian or creepy/sexy), the illustrations play off common emoji but are custom to the company.

Bonus: They are succinct - no section has more than a headline, a sub-headline and a couple of paragraphs.