A HINT to Calm Your 'Insatiable Monsters' - from Joanna Warren Smith

Acknowledge Parent Needs!

What today's parents really want is for their kids to wear a GoPro to camp so that they’ll know everything about what their children are doing.  Since that won't happen, it's essential that you set up a communication plan that actively engages parents with the experience and affirms their selection of your camp.


  • Share the plan with parents before the summer in a totally separate communication. Appropriate to the length of your sessions, designate the days of the week and even the times when updates will be posted or emailed and when photos will be shared.
  • Honor the time table religiously.  Make certain that every commitment is met to guarantee your credibility.
  • Create powerful, succinct messages.  In written communications, reference camper outcomes and provide ‘talking points’ that will encourage conversations between the client who has the experience and the client who pays for it.
  • Highlight emergency protocols.  Be certain to include the best method by which you can be contacted should there be a real emergency and how you will alert parents about issues.
  • Respond immediately.  Parents complain all the time that 'they don't return my calls' because they expect instantaneous reactions.  If you can't do that via a 'Camper or Parent Liaison' who works on your behalf, indicate the time frame in which you will respond.  The Camper/Parent Liaison method is done by camps all over the country because it is the bestmethod by which to ensure good communication.

Informed parents are engaged and more likely to have their campers return.  They're also more enthusiastic about referring other families.  Go for it and have a terrific season.

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