A 'HINT' to Leverage New Parental Attitudes - Joanna Warren Smith

Parents Appear More Grateful for the Camp Experience.

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Over the past three years, I've seen more parents willing to participate in focus groups.  They come to the table eager for the opportunity to share their opinions and are extremely verbal about the benefits of the camp experience for their children.

Moms and dads see both day and resident camp options as places where their kids can 'unplug' from technology.  But more than that, they now see summer camp as a 'respite' ... a chance to get away from the precarious world in which we live and the pressures of school and life.  They articulate what I like to call 'the last safe place where kids can just be kids'. 


  • Intentionally describe your culture.  If you are 'unplugged', tell parents why that's critical, how you make it happen and what the camper benefits are.  If your engaging community is intended to help kids relax and be themselves, let parents know how that helps kids thrive.

  • Share your distinguishing characteristics. Utilize your culture description on your website, in promotional materials, during conversations and in communications.

  • Deliver what you promise.  Get out of your office and ensure that the quality control of your culture is creating the community that you intend.

Utilize these observed NEW Parental Attitudes to your advantage when 'selling' to both returning families and new acquisition potential.  It will help moms and dads see how their children will benefit from your camp experience!

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