A 'HINT' to Increase Inquiries - from Joanna Warren Smith

Make it Easy for Summer Camp Parents to Connect with You!


This summer, two groups of parents described the way they searched for the camps they ultimately selected.  They talked with friends, family, neighbours and school folks.  Based on that input, they assembled a short list and started surfing.  They looked for distinctive elements and tried to see the differences in each of the camps, but every single parent indicated that it was frustrating because 'all camps look the same’.  A majority said that they tried to find information about the Camp Director.

When a program captured their attention, they moved beyond the home page, looking at visuals and reading headlines.  And when they were intrigued,  they searched for a phone number or the ‘Contact Us’ section.  Some called and were engaged by the camp's representative while others were disappointed that they had to leave messages which were not unfortunately, returned promptly.  Only one indicated that they responded to a multi-question request for information while four others said they would not complete a long request form and moved onto another camp option.


  • Present distinctive elements.  Your first impression is critical.  Utilize Precise Messaging that lets parents know exactly who you are and what your camp experience does for kids.  Select Resonating Visuals (like Sammy and Jenna) that cause parents to replace the photo's face with their child's likeness.  And do check out your most likely competitors so that you can confirm that your site looks different.

  • Feature your Leadership Team.  Provide a direct link to the folks who run the show and playfully present their credentials and philosophy in a professional manner.

  • Condense website copy.  According to parents, powerful, brief copy conveys confidence and enhances credibility.

  • Encourage direct contact.  Feature your phone number on every page.

  • Return calls/emails immediately.  You work hard to get inquiries, don't give them away to your competitors.

  • Utilize a simple web inquiry form.  Make it easy for parents to connect.

  • Track inquiries.  Confirm that your system allows you to follow up with parents to 'court them to the sale'.

Make the commitment now to increase your enrolments by building relationships with inquiries.

Want more details?  Email me at campconsulting@roadrunner.com or call 310-451-1876.


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