How To Podcast - Production Equipment List

pug dog lying on a table by podcasting equipment
pug dog lying on a table by podcasting equipment

My passion for podcasting is no secret - when I've got time I've got 2 more camp shows brewing in my brain! Our CampHacker and Camp Code podcasts have been incredibly successful at raising the level of professionalism in the whole camp industry.

All this started because two camp directors of a tiny church camp in Canada wanted to find a way to connect with more Camp Pros.   We've now been read and listened to in 129 countries across the world!

I believe that part of the effectiveness of a podcast is two-fold: people can listen to you anywhere (washing dishes, running, in the car or walking the dog) and that people can hear your voice.

The power of the human voice. It by passes all the logic centers of you brain and goes straight to your emotions.

We have an intensive How-To course on podcasting available to members of Go Camp Pro.  If you are interested, please join us!

What gear do I need to get started podcasting?

There is definitely a way to start podcasting inexpensively.  I, whole-heartedly, endorse keeping your expenses low and just gradually investing in better and better equipment.

Below is my complete list of podcasting gear - for both audio and video podcasting - ranked from least to most expensive.


GarageBand App
GarageBand App

Recording Skype Interviews

USB Microphones (record directly into your computer, no mixer necessary)

XLR Microphones

Portable Microphones

Sound Mixer

Microphone Accessories

Portable Microphone/Recorders


Video Cameras

External Microphone for Video Cameras (such as the T3i and VIXIA HF G20)

Video Lights

Sound Proofing

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