2019 Winter Conference Takeaways - Day Camp Pod #10

Day Camp Ideas and Takeaways from the ACA National and the OCA Conference

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We’re nearing the end of conference season 2019. If you’re like many other camp pros, you come back from these conferences with pages of notes and a brain full of ideas.

For those of you who weren’t able to make it to some conferences this year, first of all, get it in your budget for next year, then second, tune in to this Day Camp Pod episode!

Andy, Sam and Ehren attended the American Camp Association (ACA) National Conference and the Ontario Camps Association (OCA) provincial conference in the past couple of months. Back with some game, changing ideas, the hosts were chomping at the bit to share with all of you.

Listen in to hear more about:

  • Why go to these conferences? Why wouldn’t you just get this information online?

  • The Day Camp Cafe with Michael Brandwein

  • Inclusion ideas and practices

  • New ways to engage staff, campers and families with online survey and polling tools

  • Emerging medical concerns and practices in the camp world

  • New marketing tips, tools and strategies

  • More staff recruiting and retention techniques

Did you attend any other conferences this winter? What did you take away from them? Let us know in the comments!

Bonus notes! Because those of you who scroll this far deserve a high-five…and more resources! Thanks for these, Sam!

Sam’s Notes - Awesome Camp Pros to reach out to!

Things we do well:

  • smariebrickley@indyymca.org  

Sophie does a great Accommodation Process Form

  • rdesmond@brightschool.com

Does wonderful camp programming for early learners, 3-8 year olds

  • lsomogyi@girlscoutsgchwi.org

Has great ideas for environmental and conservation stewardship efforts. Such as a Butterfly garden and a compost bin.

  • Laurel.zitney@ymcacharlotte.org

Has a camp songs and more resource: ultimatecampresource.com

  • shoule@cotesaintluc.org

Does a fun theme day every Friday instead of weekly.

  • hammoc@uw.edu

Chad does a lot of online training before camp starts.

  • drdebjohnson@gmail.com

She is with Camp Courage USA in Owasso, OK. She incorporates mental health therapy- social/emotional skills, either one on one or in groups with the campers.

  • Google bus services in your area or ask principals for contacts for bus options.

  • jpoole@secondcity.com

Runs an inner city camp, focused on drama and performing.

  • mgilson@girlscoutsww.org

Is willing to help first time day camp creators.

  • Some outside ideas for a camp on campus for nature are: Project Wild books is a resource for camps with limited space.  Geocaching, a different science lab on campus each session.




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