BONUS EPISODE! Live from the OCA Conference - Day Camp Pod #10.5

Interviews with Day Camp Pros at OCA 2019

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A week early! What!?

That’s right! We’ve got a little something special for you on what would normally be an “off” week for us.

As Ehren talked about on episode 10 of the DCP, he attended the 2019 OCA conference held near Toronto, Ontario.

Ehren and our producer Matt had a mic setup, were surrounded by Day Camp Professionals and they said, hey, this’ll be fun!

We’re so thankful to Eric Shendelman, Robin Perlmutter, Ali Nagthall, Dara Kahane and Robyn Hochglaube for taking the time to talk with us.

Also, listen in to the end of this episode for a special musical performance!

We’ll see you next week!




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