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Sometimes marketing this thing that you LOVE can be so incredibly hard. 

How do you get across the life-changing value of summer camp?  What do parents need to hear to convince them? How do we get more referrals? 

There is a lot to process, work through, and consider when setting up your camp marketing strategy. 

My clicking that link you've said that you're a Camp Pro who values the message of camp, who is willing to work to always get more kids to camp, and, even, said I will do the hard work of camp marketing. 

Watch for our Go Camp Pro emails talking about our Marketing resources, services and free blogs, podcasts and downloads. 

Why don't you start now? 

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Check out our free Parent Pathway infographic (you can download a printable copy here). These are the questions that you must answer with your marketing so that parents grow to trust you as the place they want to send their kids. 


These videos below are super-useful. 

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